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Born and raised on a dairy farm in Western New York, I grew up learning the values of hard work and fair pay. Mom ran the farm while Dad worked as a Rail Road engineer and was a  member of the local Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.   

But their dream for me was an education, and when I graduated from college I was the first in my family to reach that milestone. After completing my doctorate at 25, I taught at Kent State for four years.

I’d been visiting and loving New Mexico for years. The history and culture, the food and families – it spoke to me and changed my life. So in 1984 I moved to New Mexico to open a small business, and never looked back.

One of my first commitments to this community I love was to do everything I could to take an active role in moving us forward. My public service has been an honor and I have greatly enjoyed my time working on the Rules and Ethics Committee and the Planning Commission.

As rewarding as my work in the community has been, most of you will recognize me first as the gal who walks up and down Gonzales Road with my dog Lola.  I love that road and have become a steward of the Gonzales Road urban trail to help protect this beautiful and scenic stretch of Santa Fe.

There are so many special groups doing work in this community, and it’s been my privilege to get to work with some of the. Working to raise money for Gerard’s House and helping get people into affordable homes on the board at Homewise, I’ve seen folks all over this town come together to forge something good.

Really, that’s the driving force of this campaign: the belief that we can always do better as long as we’re willing to work together, and that’s exactly the vision I’ll take to represent our neighborhoods on the Santa Fe City Council.

Currently Sig lives off of Gonzales Road with her partner of 17 years, Maria Sanchez, and their dog Lola. 


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